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Find out what happens between Kosek and Phania in the last story of my Wiccan and Alliance series. Also, I've brought back those two pesky Air Force officers and find out what kind of chaos they've created on Wiccan...

One last note, this is the final story in life of Tamia Dawn Osburn as she retires this name. Not to worry though, I am recreating the life of Tammie Ainsworth and you can soon find me at Lyrical Press


Two hours later, Leeza was exhausted. No matter what she did--what Raimadine had strongly ordered her to do--nothing was working. The book wasn’t appearing in her hands.

“It’s not working, Raimadine. I’m not this Goddess everyone proclaims me to be. I’m an ordinary woman with a life that’s not magical or anything. I’m a highway patrolwoman in the state of California and I enjoy it.”

“Then why are you here? Why did you come home?”

Leeza shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. Something told me to come back here. Something told me that I’d find the answers in that book.” She pointed at the book nestled in a bed of leaves under a tree.

“Something told you to come back.” Raimadine began to walk around Leeza, glancing up and down her slim body.

“Okay, it was more like a voice that told me.” Leeza watched the other woman carefully.

“A voice, eh?”

“Yes.” Leeza didn’t know where the woman was going with this and a feeling washed over her that told her she wasn’t going to like it.

“See?” Raimadine pointed a finger at Leeza’s head. “The Goddess herself was talking to you, Stephia.”

Leeza growled at the back of her throat. She wasn’t about to correct the older woman about her name.

“Enough of this, I’m going home.” Leeza spun on her heel and started to walk away when Raimadine called out to her.

“Are you going back to Kosek’s house or Earth?”

“I don’t know.” Leeza continued back to Kosek’s house. The older woman confused her even more. She stomped through the forest then stopped suddenly. A sense of déjà vu washed over her. She was lost. Again.

“Great. Just great. This is the last thing I need right now.” She closed her eyes and began to chant. Within minutes, she was in another trance and let the gentle voice guide her through the forest and back to Kosek’s house.

Her eyes opened only to see Raimadine standing there, smiling at her.

“What?” Leeza asked bewilderedly.

“You spoke to one of the Gods, didn’t you? You let them guide you out of the forest like the way you did last night.”

“Yes,” Leeza whispered thinly. Her heart was pounding and blood rushed through her veins. There were a couple of people who knew what she’d done, could they have told her? Then how did she know what I just did? Nothing was making sense to her. Leeza shook her head. “I’m not the person you think I am. I never claimed to be this Goddess.” She stepped around Raimadine’s smaller form and stormed into the house.


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