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The Warrior Excerpt

Stepping back from the transport pad, May wiped a single tear from her eye and watched her parents leave on their fifth trip since they’d arrived on Wiccan two years ago. As always, she was sad when they left but her parents seemed so happy to go on this trip and she should be happy for them since they enjoyed themselves whenever they saw new worlds that before they could only imagine. This time they were leaving for Tora One in the Androne Galaxy for a month’s stay. Although she didn’t want to see them leave, they were happy to be leaving to visit new worlds unlike their own.

She was turning to head back to the castle when her eye caught some movement from around the corner of the market, causing her to stop. May’s heart started pounding and the palms of her hands began to grow damp with sweat, knowing the one person who could be hiding from her. A song from a long time ago began to fill her mind over and over again. Take my breath away, from a movie her mother used to love. Watching I keep waiting, still anticipating love, never hesitating, to became the fated ones. Shaking her head to clear the words from her mind she continued on down the dirt path.

Wiping the palms along her denim shorts, she sighed while continuing the journey back to the castle where her little charge was waiting for the private lessons she provided for the Little Prince.

It was the nickname she had provided for Belinda’s son which was quickly spread throughout the planet.

Thinking of this planet, her thoughts turned to the head of the King’s warriors. She couldn’t understand why Jaquay seemed to be afraid of her. Maybe it’s because I have been too rough on him since the day we met, May thought while entering the castle through the back entrance. She sighed as she walked up the long curving stairs, her hand on the brass rail. Entering her bedroom to lie down on the bed, she closed her eyes as thoughts of Earth began to swirl around in her mind. A sharp pain filled her heart as she missed her home and the friends she’d left behind. Except for Belinda, who’d become the queen when she became the mate to the King, Devon De Caro.

Lying on her bed for thirty minutes before rising, she began the preparations for the Little Prince’s lessons in Martial Arts. Dev once thought Eagle may need to know self-defense for when he got older and became the King of Wiccan. May thought there was another reason why Dev had decided to keep her here, and it wasn’t because of Belinda. The reason still remained a mystery to her, though, one she couldn’t figure out. She slowly made her way down the stairs and out to the clearing behind the castle where Dev stood with his two-year-old son as they waited for her arrival. May once thought Eagle was a little too young for the lessons but he had proven himself to be a good student.

“Greetings.” Dev greeted her with a smile. Eagle shrieked out his own greeting and reached for her. “How is my son doing with his lesson?” he asked, reaching out to run his fingers through Eagle’s hair.

May returned Dev’s greeting, “He’s younger than when most students start their lessons. Usually my father waits until they’re older.” May informed him.

Dev glanced down into her face with a frown, “Is there a problem?” His eyes began moving away from her to glance down at his son.

May shook her head, “There isn’t a problem, he’s a smart kid for his age and is learning very well. More than expected.” May went down on her knees to Eagle’s height, “Are you ready to begin?”

The little boy nodded his head and smiled warmly up at her.

After she finished her lesson with Eagle it was time for the warriors’ lesson. Twenty men stood before her as they began to warm up before the class began. May watched over them as they went through the routine of the warm ups. She smiled at them even though her brown eyes held a trace of sadness when she noticed that there was still one particular warrior that never showed for her class, but she knew he was watching from somewhere. He seemed interested to learn everything she was teaching the rest of the warriors’ class.

“No, it’s like this.” May said in a breathless voice, breathless from the exertion of teaching. She moved to stand behind her student with an arm wrapped around his neck. “Watch and see how I move my legs,” she instructed the other warriors. She did a series of punches and kicks then stood to the side as the warriors duplicated her moves. May halted them when she wanted them to learn a new move she’d been practicing.

May inhaled several times before she moved closer to the huge warrior with black hair, blacker then her own hair. She shifted her legs to the side and pressed her hip against his so that they were touching. She signaled him and his arm came around her from behind. Her hands went to the arm that wrapped around her neck. With practiced ease, May flipped him over and onto his back. She still maintained a tight grip on his wrist. The other warriors watched with amazement at what they’d seen. Never had they seen anything like what she was currently teaching them. They were warriors, yes, but they had been taught to fight like the old knights in the medieval times of Earth. Now that things had changed they needed something, a new way of fighting, and Devon had seen her fighting style and wanted his warriors to have an edge.

When the Day of War had occurred three years ago, the warriors had shed much blood even though they had won the war with magic. Devon thought that his warriors needed a different kind of training and that May and her father, Dan, would be a perfect choice to teach it to them. It was also the reason that Devon have given her to keep May on Wiccan.

May went through a couple of katas with the warriors as sweat trickled down her back. She reached up with a hand to wipe the sweat from her brow and she didn’t see the kick coming from the warrior until it was too late. She landed on her back with the breath knocked out of her. The warriors surrounded her immediately,

“May?” one of the men kept asking her. May could only stare up at them as her vision blurred.