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Coming this spring is the third book in my Wiccan/Alliance series at Wings Epress. The Warrior:

What is a man to do when the love of his life doesn't return his feelings and she leaves for her home planet and someone is out to get her? He goes after her.


Teehee... teaser scene from The Warrior. Enjoy. Tamia








“Who... who are you?” May stared in awe at the blond-haired, black leather attired man who approached her through the meadow. Taking a quick look over her shoulder, her eyes widened in fear as the dark-haired man carried Belinda to a bird that stood four feet high. “Where is he taking my sister?” She demanded, determined not to cry. When the blond man did not answer, she turned and ran like crazy toward her helpless sister. She cried out in denial when the bird took flight seconds before she could

reach them. A large, strong hand clamped onto her arm like a vice, holding her back. May twirled around and, angry at her complete helplessness, she saw a red haze in her line of vision.

Jerking her arm, she broke free of his hold. May lifted her right leg fast and kicked him in his stomach with such force, he fell onto his back. Raising up on an elbow, he gaped up at her like a fish. Jaquay didn’t see the move coming. As a matter of fact, he’d never seen such a move. Having the breath knocked from your lungs by a female embarrassed him lungs by a female embarrassed him enough. He could only stare up at the woman as her gaze returned to the sky, her eyes following in sorrow as Devon and his mate faded into the falling dusk over Witch’s Mountain.

Quietly, he stood up, brushing the dirt away from his clothing. He didn’t dare look over to where Jax and the other four warriors stood off to the side, watching in what he knew was amused silence.

When Devon and his mate were no longer within shouting distance, Jaquay turned toward the striking woman. “Cease this foolishness, woman. We must make

haste.” He made a commanding motion with his hand, pointing to where the other loons waited.

“What are you trying to say? You can’t mean for me to get on one of those crazy-looking animals. To fly?” He didn’t answer her question. Slowly, he advanced, Jax and

the other warriors flanking her on all sides. Before she realized what happened, she’d stopped in front of the loons, her back to the creatures.

Jaquay noticed the fear in the female’s eyes and how she trembled. Probably from all she’d experienced in the past few risings, he thought. One of the loons lowered her head and snapped at the short dark hair on the female’s head. She let out an ear-piercing scream before she fainted dead away.

He caught the eye-slanted beauty in his arms, sighing to the melody of the other warrior’s gentle laughter. Issuing Bethel a brief mental reprimand for scaring the female, he ordered her down and she lowered onto her haunches. Jaquay lifted his right leg, mounting onto his loon’s back. He shifted the female in his arms so that her back pressed against his front. Though he did this in order to better hold her as they flew, the contact of this female against his lower body, as he straddled the beast beneath him, made his body throb and come alive.

This was neither the time nor the place for such feelings. He pushed them aside as he gave Bethel another mental message. Bethel began flapping her wings and Jaquay tightened his hold on the feminine beauty in his arms. Within seconds they were airborne, flying toward home.










Stepping back from the transport pad; May wiped a single tear from her eye watching her parents leave on their fifth trip since they arrived on Wiccan two years ago. As always, she is sad when they leave but her parents seem so happy to go on this trip and should be happy for them since they enjoy themselves on these trips. Seeing new worlds that they could imagine. This time they are leaving for Tora one in the Androne Galaxy for a months stay and she didn’t want to see them leave but they’re happy to be leaving to see new worlds unlike their own.

Turning to head back to the castle when her eyes caught some movement from around the corner of the market causing her to stop. May’s heart started pounding and the palms of her hands began to grow damp with sweat, knowing the one person who could be hiding from her.  A song from a long time ago began to fill her mind over and over again, Take my breath away, from a movie her mother used to love. Watching I keep waiting/ Still anticipating love/  Never hesitating/ To became the fated ones.  Shaking her head to clear the words from her mind and continued on down the dirt path.

Wiping the palms along her denim short and sighed while continuing the journey back to the castle where little charge was waiting for the private lessons she provided for the Little Prince.

A nickname she provided for Belinda’s son which was quickly spread throughout the planet.   

What she couldn’t understand is why Jaquay seem to afraid of her. Maybe it’s because I was too rough on him since the day we met. May thought while entering the castle through the back entrance. She sighed as she walked up the long curving stairs, her hand on the brass rail. Entering her bedroom to lie down on the bed and closed her eyes as thoughts of Earth began to swirl around in her mind. A sharp pain filled her heart, missing her home and her friends she’d left behind. Except for Belinda, who become the queen when she became the mate to the King, Devon De Caro.         

Lying on her bed for thirty minutes before rising and began the preparations for the Little Prince’s lessons in Martial Arts. Dev once thought Eagle may need to know self-defense for when he gets older and when he becomes the King of Wiccan. May thought there was another reason why Dev decided to keep her here and it’s not because of Belinda. A reason why she couldn’t figure out.  May slowly made her way down the stairs and out to the clearing behind the castle where Dev stood with his two years old son as they waited for her arrival. May once thought Eagle was a little too young for the lessons but he proved himself to be a good student.           

“Greeting.” Dev greeted her with a smile. Eagle shrieked out his own greeting and reached for her. “How is my son doing with his lesson?” Reachong out to run his fingers through Eagle’s hair.

May returned Dev’s gretting, “He’s younger when most students starts their lesson. Usually my father waits until they’re older.” Mayf informed him.

      Dev glanced down into her face with a frown, “Is there a prolem?” His eyes moving away from her to glance down at his son.

May shook her head, “There isn’t a problem, he’s a smart kid for his age and is learning very well. More than expected.” May went down on her knees to Eagle’s size, “Are you ready to begin?”

The little boy nodded his head and smiled warmly up at her.


After she finished her lesson with Eagle it was time for the warrior’s lesson. Twenty men stood before her as they began to warm up before the class begun. May watched over them as they went through the routine of the warm ups. She smiled at them even though her brown eyes held a trace of sadness since there’s one  particular warrior that never shown for her class but she knew he was watching some where. Willing to learn everything she’s teaching the class.                                   

“No, it’s like this.” May said in a breathless voice, breathless for the exertion of teaching. She stand behind her with an arm wrapped around her neck. “Watch and see how I move my legs.” She instructed the other Warriors. She did a series of punches and kicks then stood to the side as the warriors duplicated her moves. May halted them when she wanted them to learn a new move she’d been practicing.

May inhaled several times before she moved closer to the huge Warrior with black hair, blacker then her own hair. She shifted her legs to the side and pressed her hip against his so that they were touching. Her hands went to the arm that wrapped around her neck. With practiced ease, May flipped him over and onto his back. She still having a tight grip on his wrist. The other Warriors watched with amazement at what they’d seen.  Never did they seen anything as what she was teaching them. They are Warriors, yes, but they fight like the old knights of Earth. Now times have changed, they needed something, a new way of fighting and Devon seen what she’d done before.   

When the day of War three years ago, the Warriors shed much blood even though they won the war with magic. Devon thought that they Warriors needed a different kind of training and thought that May and her father Dan will be perfect to train The Warriors. It was also another reason why Devon kept May on Wiccan.           

May went through a couple of katas with The Warriors as sweat trickled down her back. She reached up with a hand to wipe the sweat from her brow that she didn’t see the kick coming from the Warrior until it was too late. She landed on her back with the breath knocked out her. The Warriors surrounded her immediately,

“May?” One of the men kept asking her. May could only stare up at them as her vision blurred.              

“Someone get the Queen and inform her May is hurt.” A deep voice shouted across the clearing to whoever’s listening.

One of the warriors nodded his head and took off running toward the castle.           

Within minutes, Belinda came running out of the castle with her long brown hair flowing behind her.       

“Stand back.” Belinda told The Warriors, pushing them aside and they did what they’re told. “May?” Belinda muttered softly as she bent down to her friend. “Are you all right?”   

May could shake her head as she stared up at Belinda. “It hurts.” May whispered through pain filled lips as her eyes began to water. Her arms trembling while holding her sides.

“Where?” Belinda asked as concern filled her face as she gazed down at her. Belinda ran her hands over May. May shook her head slowly as she inhaled a sharp breath when Belinda probed her stomach.        

Belinda nodded her head in understanding as she closed her eyes. She whispered the words that she learned from the great healer. A soft white glow grew around her hands and soon began to wash over May. The healing only took several seconds, May began to breathe a little easier without so much pain filling her body. Belinda helped May to her feet, “Are you all right now?” Belinda looked closely into May’s brown eyes with her green ones. May’s lips were tight and her face still ashen.

“I’m fine now, thank you.” May spoke softly so that The Warriors wouldn’t hear her. She glanced over at The Warriors and informed them that the class is over for the day.           

“You shouldn’t teach them tomorrow,  you need to rest.” Belinda told May in a concerned voice as they began to walk toward the castle.         

“I am fine now, but I will take your advice and cancel the classes tomorrow.” May said as they walked into the castle.           

“I will have the servants inform The Warriors there will be no class tomorrow. Maybe you should take a couple of days to rest.” Belinda reached out to place her hands over May’s arm.

May nodded her head and slowly turned to make her way back to the castle. A soft breeze whispering against her cheek, causing May to sigh as she slowly walked across the clearing toward the castle.

~ * ~         

Someone was smiling when May got hurt. Luke stood to the side of a building while watching May go through the paces with the warriors. He’d been watching her and the Queen on the sly. Not wanting to draw attention to himself after what he’d gone through with Phania.        

“Soon.” He whispered, a soft breeze went through him, lifting his shoulder length blonde locks from his shoulders. His eyes growing hard with anger, his hands clenching over his arms  when they fell to his sides. Thoughts swirling through his mind, thoughts of revenge and what he wanted to do to the women who’d taken his love away from him.

His heart began to pound and a bead of sweat trailed down the side of his face, he reached up to wipe the trail away, “Soon, My love. I will avenge your death.” He whispered harshly as he spun on his heal and walked away when May stepped inside the castle with Belinda right behind her.   


“I’m fine. Really. You know I’ve been hurt worst than this, believe me.” May spoke with an agitated voice as she spun on her heels and walked away from Belinda in hard steps that matched the look in her eyes.            

After watching May with his Warriors, Jaquay stepped behind the building, hiding from her. Ever since they’d met two years ago when she was stranded in the jungle with her friend who is now their Queen. May took his breath away that first day.  His warriors thought the reason that he was afraid of her because that she floored  him, practically. He wasn’t afraid of her because of what she’d done  to him. He was  afraid of the feelings that she brought out in him. His heart beats faster every time he sees her.

During the nights he has dreams of them together in the most intimate ways. Those dreams disturbed him in more ways then one when she doesn’t even return his feelings. He thought that with time this feeling will go away, but they never did. His feelings only got stronger as time went by.

Pushing away from the side of the building and stormed into the woods. Needing time to himself which only the woods would give him the peace he craves of lately, ever since May and Belinda came to his planet. He hoped to give him some time away from the one woman he craved but couldn’t have since she didn’t return his feelings. 

He wanted to run to her when she got hurt from one of his Warriors, but he didn’t want them to know of his feelings for May. Holding himself back and could only watch as Belinda healed her.         

“What’s troubling you, My friend?”  Daemon asked as he paced himself along with  Jaquay. Daemon seemed to have appeared out of nowhere causing Jaquay growled at the man. He always did hate it when Daemon was silent that one does not know he’s there until he decides to let you know of his presence. Daemon like to watch people, it was his nature as a Wizard.                             

“Nothing.” Jaquay replied gruffly and started walked a little faster hoping the Wizard will take the hint and leave him alone. The Wizard matched Jaquay’s pace. “What will it take for to leave me in peace?” Jaquay spoke with a hard voice and stopped in his tracks. He came face to face the Wizard as he stood there with his hands behind his back.  Daemon seemed to enjoy Jaquay’s frustration as he smiled at him. 

“When you tell me what is troubling you then I will leave you alone. I’ve been watching you for some time and I know something is bothering you, My Friend. I can make you some tea to help you. And to release your frustration.” Daemon spoke in a soothing and calm voice that did ease Jaquay, a little. Jaquay frowned at the thought and growled softly, his strides growing harder and faster. Snaps of twigs under his feet echoed throughout the wooded area.       

Daemon tucked his hands into the sleeves of his robe as he turned his green gaze toward Jaquay. I know what is troubling the Warrior so why is he denying his feelings for the woman when returns his feeling? The Wizard asked himself as he walked next to the Warrior.     

“Like I said, nothing is troubling me.” Jaquay turned and began to walk away from him when his next words stopped Jaquay cold in his walk. His steps were harder and faster as he went deeper into the forest I just want to be alone. I need to sort out my feelings, he thought, looking over his shoulder and saw the Wizard still walking behind him. Jaquay lifted a hand to move a thick red branch from his face then continued on with his walk.           

“Is it the Queen’s friend, what is her name? May?”  Daemon asked softly. He with his hands behind his back, instead of looking at Jaquay, he’s looking at the soft green soil on the ground. Looking a little innocent but Jaquay knew that this man wasn’t innocent when he was making trouble. Jaquay turned on his heels and walked away from the Wizard. 

Daemon stood and watched the Warrior’s retreating back with a small grin on his face.He knew that he can help the Warrior reach his heart‘s desire but decided that he will bid his time on the matter. “They belong together, why can’t they see that when everyone else on Wiccan can see it?” Daemon lifted his arms and with a single thought he began to transform and flew back to his hut. He looked down into the gold bowl holding sacred water and watched May from a distance.       

After making a sound of frustration and looked around her surroundings with a puzzled look. Only a few people seemed in a hurry now. She thought about stopping one of the men on the street but he only rushed by her. Not wanting to take any chances herself being left on the street. May hurried down the hard packed brown path to her home. She has no idea what is going to happen and her heart began to pound faster.   


Jaquay’s watching May as she dashed into the castle among the crowd, stepping around those who stood in her way. She pushed herself through the throng of people who seem to stand in her way. May ran up the red carpeted stairs as her hand glided along the brass railing. She used her right hand to swiped a lock of her black hair from her face as she paused in mid-step to glance down at the crowd below her. She didn’t see the one familiar face down below in the crowd. May sighed as she continued up the stairs and into her bedroom. She crossed the soft sea-green carpet and walked directly toward the window. She needed to see what is going on outside and why people were running to their homes.    

He stood in his bedroom, shrouded with darkness, watching as May entered her home, safely. Jaquay sighed with relief she wasn’t in any danger of the firestorm that’s about to happen. The fire storm only occurs when a warlock comes into the power of fire and brought forth a firestorm. He wanted to warn her the occurrence but he didn’t find her in time when the curfew struck. He dashed upstairs into his room and watched her.

Jaquay saw Daemon walking with her and he told her something. He saw May shake her head and he left. It was then she noticed that something’s happening and she ran the rest of the way home.         

He stood at the window and watched the fire rain down up the earth of his world. A beautiful show of rain fire that fell from the dark sky that hung over Wiccan. Shower’s of fiery gold that landed on through out Wiccan. The rain of fire as it’s call but not really fire that will cause a burning sensation when touched. The small balls of fire only looked as such and amazing to watch as the Water Goddesses comes into their powers.    


May stood at the window to her soft sea-green bedroom. She crossed on the window sill as she stared up at the wonderful show. The three years that she’d been here, she never seen a show such as this. She lifted her left hand up and cupped her chin. Looks like a meteor shower, May told herself with an awe voice.                         

Amazed. It was the first thing that May thought when she awoken that morning after the firestorm the previous night. Taking a glance out the window the following morning and nothing burned from the drops of fire that poured over the Magical Kingdom.  Her expression held such wonder as nothing seemed to burned from the night before. She pushed herself away from the golden window sill and began to dress quickly. She brushed out her shoulder length black hair and pulled into a pony tail.      

She waited outside Dev’s private study. May wanted to speak with him privately. For the first time in her life, May is nervous. This was something that she’d thought long and hard during the night. It was one of the reasons that kept her up for the most of the night. The other reason was Jaquay.      

Her Golden Adonis, Jaquay. With his shoulder length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.        

Even thinking about him makes her heart beat faster. May reached up and pulled a lock of her shoulder length black hair behind her ear that freed itself from her braid. She looked up as the door opened to the study and the man who held her thoughts stepped out of the study. He gave her one hard look and kept on walking.  Her heart went into overdrive. Before she stepped into the study, Belinda called out to her from the top of the golden curving stairs. 

“May, Can you come up here please?” Belinda yelled down at May. The servants stopped in the middle of their cleaning paused to look up at their disheveled queen.

                       May took one look at the wooden door to the study then up at Belinda who stood there with her blue robe gaping open showing Belinda’s blue nightgown and her hands braced on the banister. May looked at the study door one more time and shrugged her shoulders and reluctantly walked to the stairs. She moved slowly upwards a hand smoothed over the banister as she made her way up the stairs.